Keaton Modleski: A Fresh Approach to Web Design

  Keaton Modleski, a college student at Purdue University and sole proprietor of Modleski Web Design, believes in a more personal approach to the design of websites and web-based applications. “I make every project a very personal one. I enjoy getting to know my customers and their businesses, and with a better understanding of the company, it is much easier to create their ideal application. I also strive to be very accessible for my customers,” Modleski said.
While working as a technical assistant for a golf instructor during his senior year of high school, Modleski was commisioned by his employer to build a website. Though he only had minimal coding experience at the time, he thought he’d give it a try.
“From there I found that I loved doing this kind of work and wanted to make a career out of it. The summer after my senior year, I began creating more websites and obtained an LLC for my company. That fall and into the winter I began learning how to develop web-based applications utilizing SQL, MVC ASP.Net, C#, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Jquery, and AJAX to create much higher level data management systems than any website could have,” Modleski said. He has since been able to design and create over ten web-based applications and fifteen websites in the past two years.  
When asked to discuss the importance of having a beautiful site to accompany a project or a business, Modleski replied, “In today’s world, having an online presence is essential to business success. However, a website can be so much more than just an advertisement of information. It can be used to establish communications with your customers, gain feedback, promote your products, or sell your products through a store.”
One of Modleski’s most successful projects was developing an online quoting system for Mr. Playing Card, a leading company in printed playing cards. “The company wanted a way to increase the efficiency of operations in a game of time with their quote generation system. Along with Joe Millay, another developer who I have worked closely with on many projects, we created a very user-friendly interface that allows the users to create a quote for their customized playing cards, and to see their estimated price in real time. They can also see the price change reflective to any alterations they might make, as well as a pricing breakdown of where the cost is coming from,” Modleski said.
When asked about the future of Modleski Web Design, Modleski sounded optimistic: “I would love to continue to reach new people and grow the breadth of my offerings, while maintaining the same level of personal customer experience that I have been focused on from the beginning.”
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