Reduce Error, Reduce Cost: Lloyd Rogers

  Lloyd Rogers, based in Detroit, is director of business development at the vdR Group, a 35-year engineering, manufacturing, and AEC solutions provider with a focus on Digital Transformation through PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) technologies. The company has over 220,000 users leveraging vdR’ s solutions. “Our goal is to work with new customers by looking at three things: 1) cost, 2) risk, and 3) time to market,” Rogers said, explaining, “we look at processes with fresh eyes to see how they’re really working, and find ways to reduce cost. This begins with how projects are quoted and goes all the way through to end of life.”
Rogers elaborated on what he looks for when he sits down with a customer. “I show them how changing five minutes an hour in their process can save them a great deal of money, in some cases over a half a million dollars per year. When companies introduce risk into their processes, this causes error, and errors cost money,” Rogers said.
Rogers believes that every facet of a project must be examined to improve efficiency. “We start by searching based on the customers’ challenges”. The entire PLM system is used for connectivity – connectivity provides visibility to data, that is the real key,” Rogers said.
Rogers has 30 years of experience in the automotive industry. He has seven grandchildren, and in his free time, enjoys mountain biking at Stony Creek and plays organized hockey.
By Jack Miller
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