INSource Profile: Jake Flagle

  Jake Flagle is the founder and president of 316 Product Development. “We opened our doors seven years ago, in 2013. We have a full-service team that does industrial design, mechanical engineering, manufacturing engineering, software engineering, as well as quality & regulatory,” Flagle said.
Flagle identified the six stages of product development that the company does: “1) The art of working with the customer – presenting a solution, 2) Ideation – going through different concepts; 3) Proof of concept – a quick way to show that the solution holds water; 4) Development – detailing what the product is going to look like, balancing the price, etc.; 5) Launch – doing product builds, manufacturing, and training; and finally, 6) Sustaining – product support, ongoing development, and examining issues in the field.”
When asked to list some products they have developed that he found particularly exciting, Flagle replied, “Helmets with hands-free activation for fighter pilots, pneumatic cushions for wheel-chair bound patients, tactical flashlights, and orthopedic kits.”
316 Product Development is also closely tied to and operates out of the Hope Center in Indianapolis, the largest facility in the country dedicated to rescuing women out of sex trafficking. “The Hope Center’s mission is to provide hope and healing,” Flagle said, “There are ministries of faith operating out of the Hope Center, as well as both for-profit and non-profit micro-businesses located on the campus.” 316 Product Development gives back 50% of all its proceeds to the Hope Center and its ministries.
“When you hear some of the stories of what these women have been through, you want to help others. The Hope Center helps them transform and rebuild their lives by telling them, ‘You have a purpose, you were made in the image of God,’” Flagle said.
By Jack Miller
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