Company Profile: Lori Seppanen

  Lori Seppanen is the cost engineer & program manager for Miller Consulting Group supporting Allison Transmission at the Vehicle Environmental Test (VET) facility. “I am responsible for managing the overall test schedule for the VET to ensure we are maximizing opportunities and minimizing cost. I also analyze the VET operating to identify areas of improvement and reinforce things that are working well. This is key in sustaining business profitability.” When asked to share some information about a current project that she finds particularly exciting, Seppanen replied, “The Vehicle Environmental Test facility is a one of a kind facility that allows customers to test vehicles in extreme temperatures and varying altitudes year round.”
Seppanen was recently asked to be on the advisory board for the master’s program in project management at Penn State University. “They reached out to me because they wanted people working in the industry represented on the board. We will review curriculum changes and make recommendations on new curriculum intent to ensure the program stays relevant to industry demands.” Additionally, Seppanen stated that her favorite thing about MCG is that it’s an ethical company: “I never feel compromised working for Miller.”
Seppanen lives in Wisconsin with her husband and has two children. “My son has a degree in mechanical engineering, and my daughter is going into psychology at the University of Wisconsin-Stout.” Rounding out her family is their dog, Bear. “Bear is 13 and still acts like a puppy,” Seppanen laughed, “We discovered recently that he was smelling our breath as a way of checking our oxygen levels. He’s a very special dog.”
By Jack Miller
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