Crown Training & Development: Filling Gaps in Practical Knowledge

Dave Maksimovich, General Manager at Crown Training & Development, started the company in 1999 because he saw a technical skills gap in the world of industrial and manufacturing services that needed to be filled. “We noticed a need to bridge the gap between what students learned in college and what they actually needed to know on the job in industry. That need was real because our company took off and we haven’t looked back,” Maksimovich said.
What sets Crown apart from other technical training companies is its practical approach. “Our classes emphasize maintenance and troubleshooting techniques in order to help students know how to solve problems quickly and get their processes back up and running as fast as possible. As a result, money saved, money earned and increased employee confidence. Also, we use actual equipment in our classes rather than modified or scaled down trainers. Most importantly, we teach students how to transfer the knowledge that they have gained to their day-to-day responsibilities and solve actual problems in the field. This final step in the technical training process is the one most often missed,” Maksimovich said. This emphasis on providing practical, real-world knowledge helps create safer work environments.
Many have benefitted from Crown’s training programs over its two decades of service. “We know this first-hand with the feedback that we receive from customers. Numerous people have stated that the training they have received from Crown Training and Development was the best that they have ever had and that they have been able to apply it to their daily jobs to solve problems faster, more safely, and with more confidence,” Maksimovich said.
Crown also prides itself on the quality of its instructors. “Our instructors offer students decades of real-world experience. They were the resources called out in the middle of the night to solve problems that others could not. Also, our consultants are key resources for our customers that help keep their facilities running efficiently and safely, especially in the area of electrical,” Maksimovich said.
When asked about the future of Crown, Maksimovich replied, “Currently, we are set up to offer Live Webcasted training. We are committed to keeping up with the latest technology. This applies to our equipment, facilities and staff.”
By Jack Miller
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