Checking In: Dale Miller Talks INSource 2.0

  Nearly a decade after the last issue of INSource Magazine, Dale Miller decided to revive the quarterly publication, updating it for a new era.
“I was having a conversation with an old friend which made me realize how valuable the magazine is. It’s the exact tool we need to help promote our partners by telling their stories,” Miller said.

The engineering Industry has changed a great deal over the past 20 years, primarily because of technology. Small companies can compete with the big boys, especially with the advent of cloud computing. “You can buy state of the art tools for a fraction of the price that you could just five years ago, and the output is far greater.”
Miller founded Miller Consulting Group in 1999. “At the time, there was a huge gap for a more specialized service model. I started Miller as a specialist in CAD services & staffing, and it evolved into a company that can provide absolutely everything a company needs to produce CAD models and drawings. Our experience and knowledge of the tools, coupled with our ability to implement them, is what makes us special.”
Over twenty years after the company’s inception, Miller is still excited about the future. “We’ve just entered into an agreement with PTC Corporation to sell their Onshape product. This product is a game changer: it’s a cloud-based CAD tool with a built-in Product Data Manager. Companies have struggled with CAD data for years and in most cases threw money at the problem. This tool will give you everything you need – it’s the future.”
Miller believes that INSource 2.0 has the potential to be essential here. “The magazine will act as a kind of buyer’s guide for both services and software. I love connecting people and think that the more we get to know people on a personal level, the more trust we gain. I also think that stories are far more interesting than the bits and bytes, and that’s what we want to do with INSource.”
By Jack Miller
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